Dr. James McGuckin


Medical Innovator, Physician, and Entrepreneur

Dr. James McGuckin is a physician and medical entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. He has over thirty-five years of experience in the industry and a history of successfully founding medical facilities. Dr. McGuckin is what one would call an inventor and innovator residing within the medical world.

Dr. James McGuckin completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame, where he obtained a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Pre-Medicine. Subsequently, he pursued his Doctor of Medicine degree at Hahnemann University Medicine School. Dr. James McGuckin further pursued his studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he successfully earned a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Throughout his career, Dr. James McGuckin has successfully founded several medical institutions. In 2012, he established the PA Vascular Institute, with which he remains affiliated. Several years earlier, in 2009, Dr. McGuckin founded the Peripheral Vascular Institute of Philadelphia, LLC, which eventually paved the way for establishing the PA Vascular Institute, LLC in 2012. However, Dr. McGuckin’s initial venture into launching an organization took place in 1999 with the establishment of Rex Medical, where he played a vital role as a Co-Founder and currently serves as the Director of Research and Development.

Dr. McGuckin currently holds the esteemed position of Medical Director at the Pennsylvania Vascular Institute, where he plays a prominent role. This institute specializes in various aspects of vascular medicine, including limb salvage, preservation of dialysis access, high-level peripheral arterial work, and treating venous disorders like central venous occlusion recanalization. As the head of the facility, Dr. James McGuckin primarily specializes in vascular and interventional radiology.

In addition to his leadership role, Dr. James McGuckin has also been granted multiple medical patents. Among these patents are inventions like the Excavator Tool and a Vascular conduit, specifically designed to save lives and limbs, providing exceptional care. 

Alongside his roles above, Dr. James McGuckin also serves as a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Temple University Podiatric School of Medicine, where he has held this position for more than five years. Additionally, Dr. McGuckin is an active member of various professional organizations, including the American Board of Radiology and the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

As a dedicated researcher, Dr. James McGuckin has made significant contributions to the field and has been featured in several publications. One of his recent articles, “The Benefits of Office Based Labs,” was published in Endovascular Today. He has also authored articles such as “Long-Term Inferior Vena Cava Filter Retrieval” and “Arterio-venous Fistula Maturation.” Dr. McGuckin’s depth of knowledge and expertise often lead to requests for him to serve as a guest lecturer. He has delivered lectures at prestigious events such as the Veith Meeting in New York City, ISET in Florida, and SIR (Society of Interventional Radiology) on a national level.

Dr. James McGuckin has a passion for surfing and skiing, which he enjoys internationally. Additionally, Dr. McGuckin is also a golf enthusiast. Finally, James loves checking out an excellent classic car or indulging in a home restoration project.

To learn more about Dr. James McGuckin, visit drjamesmcguckin.com and drjamesmcguckin.org.